What is the difference between love for women’s stockings and real fetishism

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Sometimes fetishes can ruin a life.

What is fetishism

Sexual fetishism is the use of some inanimate object (fetish) for sexual arousal. In everyday life, this is called love for certain sexual practices, role-playing games, passion for some parts of the body, except for the genitals.

Common fetishes:

  • linen;
  • stockings;
  • latex;
  • feet;
  • color of the skin;
  • lipstick color;
  • smells;
  • hair on the head and on the body.

It is impossible to list everything, because the list is endless. Fetishes are teddy bears and even trains.

When fetishism becomes dangerous

It is normal if a person is turned on by touching latex, special perfumes, high heels, long hair. You can build it into your intimate life on your own or with a willing partner. But it can be dangerous if it leads to problems in your personal, social and professional life.

Another bell – arousal cannot be achieved without a fetish object. If the difficulties last more than six months, such a person can be diagnosed with a fetishistic disorder. It is believed that it occurs only in men.

Fetishistic disorder is one of the eight paraphilias, or attraction disorders. These include exhibitionism, voyeurism, and masochism, for example .

How to Suspect Fetish Disorder

If you feel like fetishes are ruining your life, see a therapist. To make a diagnosis, the following criteria must be met :

  • strong sexual arousal associated with an object or part of the body (other than the genitals);
  • psychological difficulties associated with the fetish;
  • problems in life because of him;
  • these signs last longer than 6 months.

In these cases, the disorder must be treated.

What to do about fetishistic disorder

A psychiatrist or psychotherapist will prescribe medication and psychotherapy.


So far, antidepressants from the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors have shown the best effect. They help reduce anxiety, strong sex drive, and compulsive behaviors, as well as depression.


Cognitive-behavioral and sexual therapies work best as psychotherapy. The first allows you to change the association between the object of the fetish and sexual arousal, and the second allows you to discuss sexual habits and health with a specialist without guilt or shame.

Is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex

If we talk directly about frictions in the rectum, then definitely not.

For pregnancy to occur , sperm must enter the uterine cavity. The vagina communicates with it, but the rectum does not. So if all the seminal fluid is in the intestines, then conception is excluded.

But in theory, pregnancy is possible after sex if some of the sperm gets on the vulva and vagina. For example, if it leaks from the intestine. Or before the introduction of a member into the anus, they will be passed through the labia, and lubricant will get inside, or pre-ejaculate. All this is rather fiction, but there is a possibility.

Do I need to use protection during anal sex?

Although it is impossible to get pregnant from anal sex if the sperm does not get on the vulva, you still need to protect yourself.

The rectum is not adapted for sex, like the vagina, so it is easier to injure. If there are wounds in the mucous membrane, then the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, is much higher. So don’t forget about condoms.

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